Cape Sienna Phuket Special Vacation Among Amazing Sea View

Cape Sienna Phuket

Special Vacation Among Amazing Sea View

We often focus on working and living a rushing life. Trying to gather what we want that we forget to give ourselves sometimes to take some rest ... forget to look at someone who always staying beside.

The life continuously going like this ... no ending. Have you asked yourself where is your happiness.

How many people are staying with you forever.

Look back and pay attention to that person's heart.

Then you will know that happiness is not about struggling but rather the smile of ... that person.

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A mini vacation of 2-3 days can fulfill your happiness more than you ever think. And the accommodation of this trip is a luxurious hotel of 180 degree sea view, "Cape Sienna Phuket".

Little time ... that I can escape from working is on Friday evening plus weekends. So, I'd like to look for accommodation in Phuket for my vacation.

I arrive at Cape Sienna in the evening. I am slightly stunning when I see the front of hotel.

There is not much space but the design makes it look more attractive and eye-catching.

The lobby is on L Floor by taking these elevators.

As soon as the door open, I feel like I'm floating in the air. Because what's in front of me is an endless sea view.

Staffs serve welcome drink and refreshing towel while I'm checking in. The drink is Lemongrass juice with pleasing scent and sweet taste. They help me relax from hot weather and stress after work pretty well.

After sipping the juice and breathing for a while, I start to walk around taking deep breath of fresh air. Absorb the ambiance, the wind, the sun light and sound from the sea.

Feeling delight indescribably. The feelings that you need to perceive by yourself.

The lobby area is open, high roof and very wide. There are lots of leisure corner for sitting and taking some rest. After a while, I move to my room.

The room I'm staying is "Sea View Plunge Pool Penthouse".

Only open the door, I feel like I'm dreaming because the location is magical.

I firstly run to the terrace opening my arms and take fresh breeze air.

Feel like I have charged power.

Sitting still and looking at endless sea plus far away horizon makes me feel happy more than anything else.

After letting myself fly away, I start to survey inside the room.

The interior is comparing to a house with 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

Start with bedroom ... Large bed that I found it super comfy when laying down.

Get the touch of relaxation and freedom as the end of bed is large clear glass allowing me to observe every motion of the sea.

There are bathroom and dressing room inside.

Move to bathroom behind the wall at bedhead. There is slide door to open from both sides.

Two sets of washbasins and mirrors in mellow white tone and extremely clean.

Another side includes toilet, Jacuzzi and shower area separated by clear glass.

Jacuzzi is large enough for 2 persons.

Two huge wardrobes equipped with clothes-hanger, towel, safe, umbrella and bag.

The wardrobe is opened design, same as shown in photos, and big mirror placing aside.

I really like it because I can check over all look but I can't take photo of it.

Walking out from bedroom, there is large sofa, in an area counting as living room, with sound system and TV.

Minibar and compact size kitchen equipped with cutlery including wine glass, plate, bowl, fork and spoon.

Refrigerator in minibar is full with various kinds of drinks.

Coffee and tea making facilities.

Infinity Jacuzzi at balcony offering a spectacular sunset view.

Generous lounge area with sun chairs.

Plus another immense sofas. I have to say it is splendid. It might look small from the photo but it real size is large enough for whole group to sit and chat.

First evening of this special trip, I decide to spend time watching sunset view at "Vanilla Sky Bar & Lounge".

Vanilla Sky Bar & Lounge emphasizes on serving drinks.

There are indoor and terrace corners which certainly I choose outdoor seats because of nice weather.

In the dusk, glowing golden light of the sun changing sky color.

This time ... only someone to hold my hand is pleasing enough.

Indoor seats are also relaxing as well.

When natural light touches with electric light provides breathtaking moment.

Cold drink makes the atmosphere even more perfect.

Every Friday has "Friday Tapas Night" which you can order unlimited.

This is only apart of what I order.

"Grilled Artisan Bread with Fresh Tomato Salsa"

"Curries Crab Cakes" is a mix between crab, flour and curry paste. Similar to normal Crab Cakes.

"Vanilla's Larb Salmon" (spicy salmon salad)

"Prosciutto Parmigiano"

"Kung Sarong" (Deep Fried Wrapped Shrimps with Noodle) tastes better when eat together with plum sauce.

"Mussels Arrabbiata" Big and delicious mussels.

"Spicy Lamb Kebabs"

Bread is served on food line. Don't have to order.

Ending this romantic moment at Vanilla Sky Bar & Lounge with this photo.

After such wonderful night with excellent food, I wake up in delightful weather.

I have breakfast at "The Poolside Bar & Restaurant " where offers all-day meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is a breakfast buffet but I take few photos due to number of guests.

What I like most is coffee machine. You can select either espresso or cappuccino.

Fried egg and omelette can be ordered.

Last dish is soft crepe served with various sauces.

According to the name of restaurant, The Poolside Bar & Restaurant, front side is main pool separated the restaurant and the sea.

After breakfast, I sit leisurely aside swimming pool. There are many good locations to sit.

Nice weather, clear sky and beautiful sea.

Everything looks magnificent that I wanna jump into the sea.

Pool bar beside swimming pool.

I guarantee this place has one of the most beautiful swimming pools.

From main pool, going to each type of room at Cape Sienna.

There are 4 types of room including Sea View Studio, Sea View Jacuzzi Deluxe, Sea View Jacuzzi Suite and Sea View Plunge Pool Penthouse.

Type 1 : "Sea View Studio"

Although it is a preliminary room type, the room is quite large.

Private terraces with stunning view, same as other types.

Small bathroom with amenities.

Type 2: Sea View Jacuzzi Deluxe

The room is moderately wider than previous type.

There are working corner and exact size sofa.

But highlight is the balcony behind the room.

Apart from stunning ocean view, here's private Jacuzzi bathtub to relax yourself.

Bathroom is well spaced plus necessary facilities.

At noon time, I decide to have lunch at The Poolside Bar & Restaurant as it opens since early morning to 5PM.

The Poolside Bar & Restaurant serves spicy Thai food. Let's see what I order.

My signature drink, Watermelon smoothies.

Tasty Coconut juice.

"Salmon Curry in Banana Leaves" Not too spicy but full with salmon.

"Stir Fried Pork with Sweet Chili Paste"

"Sour Soup with Sea Bass" is superb.

"Spicy Papaya Salad with Grilled Shrimps"

"Strawberry Cheese Cake with Barracuda Mango" Both going well together.

And last dish, delicious in Thai style, Mango with Sticky Rice.

The sticky rice looks like glutinous rice sliced in pieces with jasmine scent.

Mango is Barracuda one. Sweet, scented, cold and delightful.

After a big lunch, let's stretching for a while. Then, I went to use spa services.

I perceive relaxing atmosphere, aroma and chilling weather as soon as I open the door.

It is embellished in white tone and wooden design providing soft feelings.

The spa offers scrub massage, oil massage, Thai massage and even foot massage.

First room is for massage spa, body scrub and relaxing scrub.

The ocean view in front makes me feel liberated.

Apart from the beds, there is Jacuzzi as well.

Spa rooms are separated into 2 types; single room and double room.

The second room is for foot massage spa including manicure and pedicure.

For those who like to color fingernail, you will certainly like it.

The third on is Thai massage room which I like the most due to the greenish view. Feel refreshing.

After that, I go back to the room, take a shower and relax.

This room can perfectly fulfill happiness without going out.

Last night of the special trip, before going back to work, I have sentimental dinner at "Plum Restaurant".

This restaurant is super romantic. It is the same landscape as Vanilla Sky, only different floor.

Plum is divided to be outdoor seats at balcony area offers intimate atmosphere.

And indoor seats behind clear glass providing nice and cool feelings.

It has exact space with numerous corners to sit.

Again I choose outdoor one.

This is the most romantic location of Plum which is private.

Unfortunately a heavy rain is coming.

I have to move myself to indoor seats instead.

To create perfect dinner, distinctive drink is a must.

This dish is the best. My boyfriend enjoy a lot.

It is a right combination topped with spicy sauce.
Sorry that I can't remember the name.

Salas with huge golden shell. It is marvelous but I have to admit that I don't like vegetable.

This menu is fancy. Large Tiger Prawn in Rich Soup with Onion Scent. It is not recommended to those who don't like onion.

Massaman Curry Pork served with hot steamed rice. Melt in the mouth with strong fragrance. Very yummy.

Don't miss the last dish, the fish is soft and sweet. And it's even colorful.

Dessert is tasty Tiramisu. I can say that this is the best Tiramisu I have even eaten before. It is sweet, melting and mellow in the same time.

3 days and 2 nights can be wonderful time for you and the one you love.

Give yourself a time to release from stress.

Escape from work and have a memorable vacation.

Give reward to yourself.

Personal opinions:


1. Every room can see spectacular 180-degree ocean view.

2. Cleanness is very obvious.

3. Good service.

4. Atmosphere at restaurant and bar is splendid. It is a perfect place to take some rest and have dinner with lover.


1. Less parking lot.

2. The bathroom does not have rinse spray.

Further Details:

Cape Sienna Phuket

Photo : Chonthun Sirikulkritpak

Written : Panisara Sirikulkritpak

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